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for everyone.

JAS is an alcohol-free beverage company that allows everyone to participate in the social ritual of drinking without compromise, by mindfully creating beverages that emulate the look, taste, and mouth-feel of traditional alcoholic beverages.


Without barrier, JAS is designed to integrate seamlessly into everyday social drinking rituals – allowing everyone to participate as they are.

Why drink free?

No one wants to stand around with a glass of water all the time and with JAS, I love the idea that I can have something fun, and bubbly, and unique that I can take to a party and that people will want to talk about.
Alex Smith
alcohol-free drinker
I loved JAS! It had a very pleasant bitter flavor that gives you the feeling that you are drinking something special, that was made for you. It was really good!
Kelcie Schofield
mindful drinker

Better drinking

JAS alcohol-free cocktails can help everyone enjoy any moment without alcohol – providing a new outlook on how alcohol-free living can be fun and easy.

A little jas goes a long way

JAS was founded by beverage entrepreneur Cecilia Rios Murrieta on the philosophy that alcohol-free living does not mean that you are missing out on anything in life. “It began with the need to recreate the sensory evocation of a mezcal cocktail for myself. And then it became something bigger.” 

Alcohol-free in every way

Crafted with all-natural ingredients and 100% alcohol-free extraction methods to obtain the botanicals that when blended, reproduce the nose, palate and mouthfeel of our signature cocktails.